Comparative case study research method

YIN suggests careful screening in the selection of cases to ensure specific relevance to the issues of interest and the use of replication logic: Posted by Claude Rubinson, 28 September Major funding obtained: The case study is well suited for identifying "black swans" because of its in-depth approach: This is the technique of Normative Comparison.

Results from a QCA Analysis". In addition to new functionality, the package introduces a glossary for configurational comparative methods. Thus, for example, if a researcher were interested in US resistance to communist expansion as a theoretical focus, then the Korean War might be taken to be the subject, the lens, the case study through which the theoretical focus, the object, could be viewed and explicated.

Posted by Claude Rubinson, 21 August The latest issue of Quality and Quantity is a special issue devoted to configurational comparative research methodologies.

Similarly, questioning of the Greek laws and institutions and its related values and practices e. In clarifying lines of history and causation it is more useful to select subjects that offer an interesting, unusual or particularly revealing set of circumstances.

Thus, the material is reduced and a new basis of information separate from the original text comes into existence ibid. To receive the newsletter by email subscribe to the mailing list Posted by Claude Rubinson, 19 December New working paper: Cooper, Barry and Judith Glaesser.

QCA offers solutions for the challenges posed by case studies and provides a useful analytic tool for translating research into policy recommendations.

But organizational behavior cannot always be easily reduced to simple tests that prove something to be true or false. These statements will be an invaluable resource for a wide range of constituencies grappling with issues of research transparency, from journal editors to researchers and graduate students.

A Comprehensive Resource has been published by Springer. The only way to avoid the contradiction was to eliminate weight as a determinant factor for acceleration in free fall. This method is useful for answering cause and effect questions. One of the disadvantages is the fact that their design is inflexible.

Key cases Outlier cases Local knowledge cases Whatever the frame of reference for the choice of the subject of the case study key, outlier, local knowledgethere is a distinction to be made between the subject and the object of the case study.

Determining whether socioeconomic or political factors are more important in explaining government action is a familiar theme. Reality may be an objective thing, but it is understood and interpreted by people who, in turn, act upon it, and so critical realismwhich addresses the connection between the natural and social worlds, is a useful basis for analyzing the environment of and events within an organization.

Both the dimensions of existing categories can be modified and new categories can be designed. The study and survey of financial inclusion is useful for both policy makers and bank service providers to make strategic decisions. This dissertation attempts to provide a snap shot of the extent of financial inclusion i.e.

the level and expansion. Studybay is an academic writing service for students: essays, term papers, dissertations and much more! We're trusted and chosen by many students all over the world! Comparative Research Persistent Problems and Promising Solutions Melinda Mills conventional comparative case study research by presenting the methodo- Pennings et al., ).

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In The Comparative Method, Charles Ragin () was the first to advocate what he termed a complementary logic to the. In recent months, research teams from both Canada and Italy have published comparative analyses of sustainable ammonia production pathways.

These projects aim to quantify the costs and benefits of combining Haber-Bosch with a renewable hydrogen feedstock. About us. John Benjamins Publishing Company is an independent, family-owned academic publisher headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Case study

The comparative method presupposes linguistically uniform speech communities and independent development after sudden, sharp cleavage. Critics of the comparative method have pointed out that this situation does not generally hold.

Comparative case study research method
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